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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Arrow on the CW channel~

My wife asked me to review this new series so here I go.
Arrow is another comic (DC) come to life- a mixture of Batman, the Green Lantern and the old Kung Fu series of the 70’S.  It is of course all modernized with drunks and drugs and the ultra-rich yuppie spawn.
A waste of skin rich guy is lost on a mysterious deserted island and finds a reason to live and wants to right the wrongs of his past and his nar-do-well father. Set in an overly corrupt city (Gothum-esk) whose rich elite are just begging to be corrected for their naughty ways and ARROW is just the man for the job.
Through the occasional flash backs we learn of his time on the island and how he was trained and turned in to the deadly little Arrow that he is. The villains are all asking for it and through his amazing physical feats (and magical powered plant tissue from the island) he cannot be stopped.  I am sure more than a modicum of his (STEPHEN AMELL) appeal comes from his hunkylisiousness or as one of my students said-he’s freakin hot.
As much as I want to riddle this show full of more holes then a good Swiss cheese sandwich I have to admit I don’t hate it. The bad guys get it in the end, the mysterious island sub plot and a show where Kelly Hu is the bad girl can't be all bad! HuHuHu.  Watch with your favorite comic book hero jammys  on and don’t expect too much intellectual material.  Take it for what it is- probably not the worst show on the interesting CW network.

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