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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake~

With the Halloween season coming up on us the DVR will be running nonstop, generating a collection  of eclectic horror and science fiction films from the past. We recently delved into the interesting film of the four skulls of Jonathan Drake… This movie is for you if; you‘ve had three beers or if you are in desperate need of sleep. The finest part of this movie is the music, reminiscent of the old horror movies when I was 10.

As far as the actors are concerned the female lead though well-dressed was in dire need of better hair. Amazingly she never ran and fell down as is so often the case in these flicks. The male lead whoever he was should have retained his former occupation.  He was incredibly flat, and emoted nearly zero energy. As  is required in a film of this quality the in house doctor was not nearly believable although he did pronounce carare correctly.  The fiend of the movie was all but fiendish, he was monotone and basically incapable of frightening a small child…unless of course he took off his shirt whereupon you would have noticed his supposed European white head attached to  the darkened body of an amazon warrior. The only problem with the premise is the dye job, which looked like a very bad chemical tan. If the film was in color I have no doubt he would have glowed orange. The ghoul, his side kick, even with his mouth knitted shut moved about as if having exaggerated proctological issues.
  The spooky house venue was quite nice. I thoroughly would have enjoyed spending the weekend there, and of course the slow moving retainer had the outstanding name Rogers. The plot was slow, the imagined floating skulls were not quite to the level of avatar. This film would be highly recommended by me, for a large group who have just obtained a fresh supply of  a hearty meade. Don’t forget the popcorn, you will need to do something with your mouth in between the yawns.


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  1. My sister is suffering from a long bout of insomnia. Sounds like I should recommend this flick as a possible solution?


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